A Small Introduction

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A Small Introduction

We welcome thee traveler. We're glad to see thy journey led thee to Vetus Mundus

The gods of this world will not bother with much rules, nonetheless there's something to follow here.

Rules are as listened: "One can do whatever provides fun". Note, that PvP is only possible on the facette called felucca.

The second rule is: "We all treat each other with respect, the gods don't wish to hear excessive slang, nor any indignities from the mortal or speaking to oneself".

Dost you wish to live peacefully here on Vetus Mundus, it's indispensable to follow this rule.

To make thy beginning as comfortable as possible we will grant thee some commands. Listen carefully.

To communicate with other mortal in the public Channel, one has to use the following combination: .c (thy message)

This will refer thy message to the public channel. One can use .pm (name)(message) to send a private message to another mortal, which only can be read by him or her.

It will arive him or her even if he or she is not in our world at the moment.

It will be sent to him or her as soon as he visits our world the next time.

If thee can gather the pleasure to join a guild someday, thee can send them a message with the following command: .g (message).

The message can only be read by thy guildmates. There are several other commands avaiable, which can be shown by typing .help.

If thee has any further questions, don't hesitate to ask our gods, as they surely will grant you as much help they can give.

Last we want to add the following rules: Bugusing is not allowed and won't be tolerated.

If thy find a bug, make sure to report it as soon as possible to us. Bugusing will be punished with a ban.

We'd like to add something to the choice of your nan discriminatory or racialist names, as well as names from the third reich will be deleted immediately and be banned.

Signed: The staff of Vetus Mundus