A Welcome

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A Welcome

Greetings to you, new member of the Trusted.

You now read these words because you have been deemed worthy to join the ranks of Britannia's defenders.

Some will call you a betrayer of mankind, I say they are misguided.

I call you a defender for Sosaria needs saving from itself.

The forces of order once ruled our world. Like a great darkness over our lives we lived under the oppressive watch of a king who dictated our actions and passed judgement on our character.

He suppressed our way of life by denying our freedom and the ability to determine who we are and what we stand for.

Even today in the absense of this man we still see the symbol of his tyranny, we watch his personal guards patrol the cities to intimidate us, and we feel his laws like a vice on our lives.

You are here because you choose to be free. Like many Britannians you have felt the opression of one man's ideas weighing down upon you like chains.

You have felt the embrace of fear, wondering if you face consequence for simply having ideas not in harmony with those forced upon you.

You have seen men fight and die for the principles of a zealot and wondered, 'Who will fight for my principles should they be opposed?'

You tire of living under the shadow of dreams that do not belong to you. And most of all, you have wondered what you can do to live free.

Your journey to freedom begins here.

I, like you, once desired my freedom from the limits placed on me. I watched in disgust as this world became engrossed with the preaching of virtue and none of the practice.

I held my convictions in check, fearful of the reaction of men blinded by belief. I forced myself to bury the very idealogy that made me an individual.

I was fortunate that a being of unique power and unimaginable intelligence saw through to the true person I was, the person I was meant to be.

Exodus found within me a man of free will, determination, and incomprehension for the plight of oppression forced on so many Britannians.

Exodus has also chosen you because of the strength of your character.

Many of the men who were once my peers look upon me and see a betrayer of humanity. They claim my newfound form is unnatural and wrong. Because they seethe unknown in me, they show fear.

They disapprove of my choices and in their ignorance see evil. Yet I hide my true self no longer from these men.

My thoughts and my personal morality have been liberated in the face of the oppression that once consumed me. Where they see a man no longer human.

I see a man that has not betrayed his humanity but has been freed from it.

This is the power that has been granted to me by Exodus. I have been given my freedom. I have been released from my fears. Exodus will give you the power to conquer your fears as well.

When your fear of this world is gone, then the world truly belongs to you in a way it never has before. You, trusted one, will soon be given a gift. Your body, like min, will be enlightened and raised to a new

level no mortal can know.

The power to control your own destiny will belong to you for the first time in your life. You will, at long last, be cleansed of fear.

Together, with the power of Exodus behind us, we shall finally wage war on the oppression that once held us back from our full potential.

We shall claim this world, and reshape it in an image of freedom for all of us.

Those who once told you who you are and how you should live will no longer be able to stand in the way of your free will.

Many say you will be abandoning your humanity but in truth, you will be more than human.

You will be freed.