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A Feature which is very special on Vetus-Mundus is Bioengineering. To use this ability, the Bio-Engineer-to-be has to acquire a "Bio Book". This can be accomplished via filling small and large BODs. You have a chance of getting the Book by filling a 5 part or 6 part lBOD with 20 animals per smallbod. Alternatively a Wannabe-Bio-Engineer can try to get the book, via trading with other players or in an ingame auction. If the Tamer has read the book (preconditions for this are to be at least grandmaster Tamer and grandmaster - Tinker-), he has the ability to gather DNA from animals and furthermore to mix them together and transfer them to a biomass. In addition you need to have at least 90 Tinkering to produce the paraphernalia a Bio-Engineer needs.

Commands for the Biopet

To command the genmanipulated animal properly, you have the common commands. Beyond them you can use the following commands:

  • skills
shows the abilitys of the animal you can set to raise or fall as in the NPC-Info.
  • status
shows the values of the animal as when using Animal Lore on a normal animal.

If the pet is in human shape, there are additional commands:

  • undress
undresses your pet and places all equipment in thet backpack of the pet.
  • ride
orders your pet to mount on a pet you own and you choose with your mouse.
  • dismount
dismounts your pet at once from the pet it was riding on.
  • morph
with this order you can make your biopet change shape. If it was human it is now a normal animal and can be healed an resurrected and even be stabled at the local animal trainer. (Attention: please dont use DNA from Savages especcially if you want to make a human bio. The Body is another and the produced bio cannot be morphed.!!!) If your pet was in animal shape you it becomes human, when you say morph again.

Preconditions for Bioengineering

  • Animal Taming 100 and Tinkering 100 --> to be able to read the book
  • Bio book
  • Tinkering at least 90 --> to be able to produce certain paraphernalia (Vials, Vial Set, Bio Deed)
  • Bio Tool

This is available for bioengineering

  • Biobook
This Book you get as a reward from 5 or 6 part BODs eacht with 20 animal per sBOD
  • BioPetDeed
The Deed can be produced with the help of the Biotool and organic material and several other ingredients, which can be looked up in the menu of the biotool. To do this, you must already be a Bioengineer.
  • DNAVials
Can be found in the loot of the evil Bioenginner or the evil Genetecist or can be produced with the biotool.
  • DNAVialSet
same as DNAVias
  • BioTool
This tool you get as a reward from tamingBODs

special attacks

Power Moves

  • Trial By Fire
This attack does multi fire attacks to the bios current target.
  • Acid Rain
This attack does an area poison attack.
  • Comet Attack
This attack does an area physical attack.
  • Call of Nature
This attack calls all untamed creatures in the area to attack the bios current target
  • Ice Blast
This attack does a cold attack to the bios current target and sends ice spikes that will do cold damage to any agressive target moving in the area.

Counter Attacks

  • Counter Healing
This counter will heal the bio.
  • Blunt Attack
This counter will do a physical attack to the bios current target.
  • Counter Poison
This counter will do a poison attack to the bios current target.


Worth knowing

You may ask the question: "Where do i get all the resources from?".

For this one has to know the history. Some evil biologists have settled down in Covetus not so long ago. First there were few, but after a short time they had claimed a part of the dungeon for themselves. They experimented assidous and finally built there own little empire down there. If you travel to the second sevel of covetus nowadays you may surprisedly notice, that many of the experiments are on the lose and are to be classified as very dangerous.

Of course you will find there the evil Bioengineer and the evil Biogenetecist. There are rumors, that in this cave you may find the root of all this evil. Needless to say me must not complain about this. If this unfriendly monsters would not be living down there, we could not create such interesting pets.

You have to be careful, though. This dungeon must not be scorned and especially the creatures on the lose have already demanded some heroic lives.

Bio- Engeneering complete guide

1. The Preconditions: Animal Taming 100 (Realskill) Tinkering 90 Book of Bio-Engeneering (Has to be read) Optional: Animal Lore (To look if it is lucrative to draw off DNA from the animal.) Anatomy u Healing (For healing the human Bio-Pet.) Animal Lore u Vet (For healing the nonHuman Bio-Pets) Magery (For healing and curing of non human u human Bio-Pets)

2. The Ingredients: Organic Material (Found in monsterloot in Covetus level 2 in Trammel and Felucca) Empty Vials (Craftable with a Bio-Tool or findable in the loot of BioEngineers and BioGenetecists in Covetus lvl 2 in Trammel and Felucca) Empty Vialset (Craftable with a Bio-Tool or findable in the loot of BioEngineers and BioGenetecists in Covetus lvl 2 in Trammel and Felucca) Bio Pet Deed (Craftable with a Bio-Tool) Bio Tool (Tamer-lBOD-Reward)

3. The DNA samples: Therefore you need DNA-Vials (The more the better) There are 4 kinds of Samples you need:

Prowess Determines the values in Str, Hits and the damage your Bio does.

Furthermore it determines the values in Physical Resistance, Anatomy, Wrestling and Tactics

Environment Determins how fast your Bio is, alse the values for dex, stam, fire resist

cold resist and the poisioning skill are set hereby

Mental Determins your Int, Mana, Magery, Energy and poison resist.
Mimic Fixes the looks of your Bio and if it has special attacs and counters. Use Human Mimic for human Bios and all other for non human.

4. The getting of smaples: First of all, you should get infos about certain animals/monsters and their abilities. Best source for this is the animal guide on stratics: [[1]] Now you determine the animal/monster best suitable for the sample and note the name and location of it. All you have to do is to look for the animal ingame and if you found it, look with your animal lore skill if you like the stats it has. If yes: doubleclick on an empty vial and select wich kind of sample you want do extract and klick on the animal you want the DNA from. If you are lucky you extract the DNA from the animal. But in most cases you will not or the vial will brake. This procedure has to be repeated until you have all the 4 samples: Prowess, Environment, Mental and Mimic. With the Mimic sample you decide weather you want to have a human or nonhuman bio. If you want a nonhuman bio, all values from point 3. are used. If you choose a human bio, you don't have to care about resistances, but more of this later.

5. Quality and Mixing: Each DNA sample you extracted has its own quality, there are 3 qualitylevels: Average, High and Very High (approximately compareable with the qualitylevels of the monster on the stratics hunters guide.). For the best results you should only use samples which are high or very high. Now you concatenate the samples via a doubleclick on the vialset and the samples. As soon as you are finished you have a full vialset which has its own quality. This Quality determines the number of slots your pet uses. (here i am not sure, if this is correct. if it is correct, then the lower the vialset quality, the lesser slots your pet needs).

6. The Assembly: You craft a Bio-Pet-Deed with your Bio-Tool and doubleclick it (All pets must be shrinked or stabled) After doubleclicking you have an unshaped biomass in front of you. Now doubleclick the full vial-set and target the biomass... and now you have your fresh new bio.

7. The Bio Pet: You direct your bio-pet as usual, as you would do with a regular tamable creature. In addition you have some more orders you can give: Moprh- switches from nonhuman/human into human/nonhuman shape so you can stable it or heal it with veterinary. Ride- makes your human bio to mount onto a pet you target and you own. Dismount- dismounts your bio from the mount. this also happens automaticalle when you morph your human bio while mounted Undress- Drops all Equipment the human bio wears into its backpack. Rucksack. Skills- shows the abilities/skills, similar to the view in NPC Info (here you can choose what your bio shall learn and what not) Status- can be compared with animal lore.

8. Tips & Tricks: Every bio has its own backpack and can be used as a mule (of course not as "the" mule). Human bios heal themselves with bandages. The bandages vanish after beeing used, so you have to refill bandages from time to time. Every bio poisons, regardless if it has learned poisoning or not. Magery and poisoning are not active yet, so it doesn't matter if your bio has that skill learned or not, it will never cast spells but will always poison. Every human bio can be equipped. Therefore you just have to drag the equippment over the bio (not over the paperdoll) and drop it. The bio will inherit the resistances of the armor, and damage of the weapon (all values like hit/stam/mana reg, mage armor, selfrepair, slayer etc. are also inherited) A bio, regardless if human or not, needs very much stamina and mana, since it uses whirlwind and poison attacks on a regular basis. Counter and special attacs also use much mana and stam if it has some. A bio pet with special attacks like Ice Blast does this only if you order it to kill s.o., in guardmode i haven't seen a bio use special attacks yet. Every biopet can bond. You can use a crystal ball of summoning with your bio. Biopets which fight much or long need much love and petting. Thus you should always carry food or a petbrush with you. You cannot friend or trade a bio Animal/Monster can be peaced before getting DNA-samples.