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In general:

Gargoyle Tools (GT) exist in 3 different types:

Gargoyle-Knife for use in the scope of Tailor (Schneider)

Gargoyle-Pickaxe for use in the scope of Blacksmith (Schmied) & Tinker (Kesselflicker)

Gargoyle-Axe for use in the scope of Bowyer (Bogenbauer) & Carpenter (Zimmermann)

that is, by using the particular GT you can get Runic Tools for the appropriate range of use


Similar to the Runic Tools you have also 3 opportunities to acquire the GTs:

1. First our good old "Master of the Arts", which might be the least effective Method, since he is leaving a GT in his loot very rarely.

2. Second is the "BOD-Reward-System" here it must be mentioned, that Gargoyle-Pickaxes are very easy to get. However, the greater the effort (more filled BODs) the greater the yield. The Gargoyle Axe is currently not available via BODs.

3. The most simple and therefore also the most favoured Method is the hunting of Gargoyles in the many hunting grounds and dungeons here in VM. Both the normal Gargoyles and the Stone Gargoyles, Gargolye Destroyer & Gargoyle Enforcer can drop a GT in their loot. Warning: both the representatives of the Fiery Gargoyles (bright red-orange colour) and the spawn of the Champions Semidardon't drop a GT.


What happens when you use a GT and what do you have to pay attention to?!

Basically you have to be very careful, for this system bears a risk, which can bring the Tod of the user very fast. Whatever kind of GT you use there is a Chance, for a Raw Materials-Elemental to spawn, which can leave a runic tools with 5 uses after beeing killed. Depending on the kind of resource of the spot you used the GT on, the corresponding Elemental is stronger or weaker. So to say a Spined Leather Elemental is pretty weak, in contrast to a Etheral Leather Elemental, which is a classic "One-Hit-Killer".

Important: Every GT creates a Resource one class higher than the resource which is usually in the spot would be when used on it. More to that when we come to the individual GTs.

It is not fix how often a Elemental will spawn. The opportunity is random and as to every thing in UO there is the maxim: There are good days and there are bad ones! This also applys for the number of runic-tools you can gather by hunting elementals. One day you get 5 tools out of 10 elementals, the other day you get none out of 20.

Now we come to the individual GTs:

Gargoyle-Knife: the only GT you need no Skill to use. It is uses like a normal knife to skin the corpses of animals. The higher the class of the leather of an animal, the higher is the level of the corresponding elemental and of the runic-sewing-kit. If skin a bull, which always has regular Leather, there spawns at least a spined leather elemental. If you cut a Dragon, which has barbed leather, you get at least a polar leather elemental. Contrary to the other GTs, by using the knife there is the opportunity for a much higher elemental to spawn. Even if the chance for this is considerably smaller, you can get to Ethereal Leather relativly fast by skinning the already killed elementals and therefore have another chance of a higher elemental to spawn. As a hint i will state here the Ice-Isle on the facetts Felucca & Trammel, for the polar bears and snowleopards living there, do already have polar leather, which speeds things up quite a bit.

Gargoyle-Pickaxe: need a more or less high Mining-Skill. If you want to get the high-class runics, you need to be Elder/Legendary Miner. Basically the principle is quite easy. The kind of Ore-Spot defines, which Elemntal spawns, regardless of mining in a cave/mine or on a mountain. It is very helpful to have a runebook with all the good spots marked in it to recall to the spots fast, for the ore regenerates fast and after approximately 20 minutes you can mine there again. If you use a Prospectors Tool on the spot you get a one class higher ore than the usual one beeing in the spot. So you only need Toxicspots to get an platinum elemental, for the prospector-tool makes the toxic to elektrum and the GT makes the elektrum to platinum. The hereby spawned elementals can have runic-tinker-tools and runic-blacksmith-hammers in their loot.

Gargoyle-Axe: At its heart it is the same as with the Gargoyle-Pickaxe. The only differences are that you have to use the Axe on appropriate trees,instead of using a prospektors tool you need an Prospectors Axt) and of course you need the skill Lumberjack-Skill. With a little effort you can get runic-saws or runic fletcher tools from the spawning elementals.

As a conclusion i may say that it is commendable to take an other player with you who can resurrect you or, if you have an character able to do this on an other account, to bring your own resurrector via multiaccountusing. If you have enough money and apropriate fighting skills you can also equip your character with socket-items to give him around 150 to 200 hits so you may survive the first strike of the elemental.

One last note. For there are almost no Articles in English i linked to the corresponding german articles. If someone translates the apropriate page for the english version of the wiki, he might update the link.