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The most important skill of a mage is obviously Magery. After that, there are many Skills that can support you, depending on what you choose they differ your Template. In these Templates especially expensive/rare PowerScrolls will not be included to keep it easier to follow.


Magery defines the chance of you succeeding in casting certain spells. Here are the Chances for spells from the seventh and eighth circle:

100 Skill: 85.0% & 50.0%

105 Skill: 97.5% & 62.5%

110 Skill: 100.0% & 75.0%

115 Skill: 100.0% & 87.5%

120 Skill: 100.0% for alle Spells

Other than that Magery counts for the damage calculatios of Mind Blast, the healing power of Heal and Greater Heal, the chance to cure poison and the calculation of the poison level for the Poison spell. The duration of your spells also depends on Magery.

Evaluating Intelligence

Eval Int is the most important secondary Skill for Mages, it improves the power of most of your spells. The higher the Skill, the stronger your Spells. It's like that Tactics Skill of Warriors.


Besides the ability to craft Scrolls and Books GM Inscription also modifies the damage of most of your important damage spells. At 100 Skill there will be a 10% increase to your damage. This means a Skill above 100 is unnecessary for a character that is supposed to be a Fighter.

Resisting Spells

Since the introduction of the 5 different Resistances Resisting Spells is only important for PvP and as a protection against Necromancy Spells. Necromancy Spells are usually not important in PvM, so it is only recommended to get this Skill if you want to actively do PvP.


This Skill defines the active and passive Mana Regeneration of your Character. You are always dependant on Mana as a Mage, so Meditation is also a crucial Skill that you want to have in your Template. To use this Skill actively you will need Mage Armor or non-studded leather armor. The Formula of Mana Regeneration per second is as followed:

((Meditation * 3) + Intelligence ) / 400

With a Skill of 100 this would be 0.75 Mana per Second - with 120 it will be 0.9 Mana. This Number will be also modified by Intelligence, Focus and Items with Mana Regeneration.


Focus also increses your Mana Regeneration. Per 20 full Points in Focus you get 0.1 Mana per Second. Focus doesn't need a Mage Armor.


Necromancy is an autonomous Skill, but it has some nice Spells that could make your life as a Mage easier.

Spirit Speak

Spirit Speak is the same thing to Necromancy as Eval Int is to Magery. At the same time you can actively use it to heal your Character. The nice thing about it is that you can also heal yourself if you are poisoned with it, which can be a real life saver. The downside is that after using it it needs a little recovery phase that doesn't get modified by FCR (Faster Cast Recovery). You can also see and talk to Ghosts (Dead Players) that don't even have to be in War Mode with Spirit Speak.


Poisoning allows the Mage to cast stronger Poison Spells. The Formula is (Magery + Poisoning) / 2 but is capped at 100. If you have a Magery Skill higher than 100 you only need the Poisoning Skill to get to 200 Skillpoints in total (e.g. 115 Magery + 85 Poisoning). Keep in mind that if you want to Poison something with your Weapon it is a different Formula.


Chivalry is a very mighty Tool for PvP, but only if your Character has very high Karma. Because Chivalry has a FC (Faster Casting) Cap of 4 you can heal yourself for 36 HP in the same time as you would need to cast a Circle 2 Magery Spell. They introduced a Cap for Dexterity, so this is probably the fastest way to heal yourself. Important: the FC Cap of 4 only counts for Characters that have a Magery Skill below 70,0, also the Protection spell sets the Cap to 0!!!


Scribe Mage (PvM)

Scribe Mages are the classic Mage Template. Since you have a Skill Cap between 800 and 900 Points on VM there is enough space to enhance this Template a bit.

  • 110 Magery
  • 110 Eval Int
  • 120 Focus
  • 115 Medi
  • 115 Wrestling/Sword/Fence/Mace
  • 100 Inscription
  • 100 Hiding
  • 30 Poisoning

Besides the basic Skills and a Weapon Skill of your choice there are about 130 Points left. You can use these as you wish. Hiding can be very useful but is not absolutely necessary. You have a lot of possibilities here to implement your own ideas. A Poisoning Skill of 26.2 allows you to cast Level 2 Poison, which can be an advantage if you don't need your Skill Points elsewhere.

Necro Mage (PvP)

  • 120 Magery
  • 120 Eval Int
  • 120 Resisting Spells
  • 110 Spirit Speak
  • 120 Wrestling / Weaponskill
  • 120 Parrying
  • 110 Necromancy
  • 80 Poison

This template mostly is used for killing Monsters fast. Wither and Animate Dead are excellent Weapons against Mobs, Corpse Skin is perfect against very strong Monsters, Lich Form and Vampiric Embrace can be helpful in many situations. Usually you can get Necromancy and Spirit Speak up to 120, if you can compensate the loss of Points in another Skill with Items. The 80 Points of Poisoning give you a bit of immunity against the first few levels of Poison, but at 80 it also improves your "Poison Strike" Necromancy Spell as well as the "Poison" Magery Spell.

Parry Mage (PvP)

This is the basic combination to get a proper balance between attack and defense.

Other than that a combination out of these Skills are recommended:

The following Mage Weapons are especially good for the Bushido Template, because they have none or just a small Malus: Staff Of Power, Staff of the Magi, Swords of Prosperity. Still, you can alwas compensate the Malus through jewelry. This Template is very specialized and limits your choices for weapons drastically, but with the right Equipment you will have an excellent combination.