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Jacob Waltz the Mining Instructor

  • Title: The Celucian's Lost Mine
  • Objective: Train Mining to 50
  • Reward: Jacob's Pickaxe
  • Accelerated skillgain: Mountains

Mugg the Miner'

  • Title: More Ore Please
  • Objective: Obtain 5 ore
  • Reward: Pickaxe x2
  • Accelerated Skillgain: None

Gervis the Blacksmith Trainer

  • Title: Battered Bucklers
  • Objective: Obtain 10 buckler
  • Reward: Iron Ingots x10 & Smith's Hammer
  • Accelerated Skillgain: None

New Haven Bank

Sarsmea Smythe the Focus Instructor‎

  • Title: The Inner Warrior
  • Objective: Train Focus to 50
  • Reward: Clasp of Concentration
  • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven

Forge and Anvil

George Hephaestus the Blacksmithing Instructor

  • Title: It's Hammer Time!
  • Objective: Train Blacksmithing to 50
  • Reward: Hammer of Hephaestus
  • Accelerated skillgain: Forge And Anvil (3)

Springs N Things

Amelia Youngstone the Tinkering Instructor

  • Title: The Right Tool for the Job
  • Objective: Train Tinkering to 50
  • Reward: Amelia's Toolbox
  • Accelerated Skillgain: Springs N Things (4)

Nibbet the Tinker

  • Title: A Clockwork Puzzle
  • Objective: Obtain 5 clock parts
  • Reward: Clock Frame x3 & Tinker's Tools
  • Accelerated Skillgain: None

Pressure Point

Andreas Vesalius the Anatomy Instructor

  • Title: Knowing Thine Enemy
  • Objective: Train Anatomy to 50
  • Reward: Tunic of Guarding
  • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven

Avicenna the Healing Instructor

  • Title: Bruises, Bandages and Blood
  • Objective: Train Healing to 50
  • Reward: Healer's Touch
  • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven

Ninja Dojo

Chiyo the Hiding Instructor

  • Title: Becoming One With The Shadows
  • Objective: Train Hiding to 50
  • Reward: Bag of Smoke Bombs
  • Accelerated skillgain: Ninja Dojo

Jun the Stealth Instructor

  • Title: Walking Silently
  • Objective: Train Stealth to 50
  • Reward: Twilight Jacket
  • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven

Ryuichi the Ninjitsu Instructor

  • Title: The Art of Stealth
  • Objective: Train Ninjitsu to 50
  • Reward: Silver Serpent Blade
  • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven

Walker the Tracking Instructor

  • Title: Eyes of a Ranger
  • Objective: Train Tracking to 50
  • Reward: Walker's Leggings
  • Accelerated skillgain: New Haven island

Hamato Dojo

Hamato the Bushido Instructor

  • Title: The Way of the Samurai
  • Objective: Train Bushido to 50
  • Reward: The Dragon's Tail
  • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven

New Haven Magery School

Alefian the Resisting Spells Instructor

  • Title: Defying the Arcane
  • Objective: Train Resisting Spells to 50
  • Reward: Bracelet of Resilience
  • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven

Gustar the Meditation Instructor

  • Title: Stopping the World
  • Objective: Train Meditation to 50
  • Reward: Philosopher's Hat
  • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven

Jillian the Inscription Instructor

  • Title: Scribing Arcane Knowledge
  • Ojective: Train Inscription to 50
  • Reward: Hallowed Spellbook
  • Accelerated skillgain: Haven library (8)

Kaelynna the Magery Instructor

  • Title: The Mage's Apprentice
  • Objective: Train Magery to 50
  • Reward: Ember Staff
  • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven

Mithneral the Evaluating Intelligence Instructor

  • Title: A Scholarly Task
  • Objective: Train Evaluating Intelligence to 50
  • Reward: Ring of the Savant
  • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven

Warriors Training Area

Alden Armstrong the Tactics Instructor

  • Title: The Art of War
  • Objective: Train Tactics to 50
  • Reward: Arms of Armstrong
  • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven

Churchill the Mace Fighting Instructor

  • Title: Crushing Bones and Taking Names
  • Objective: Train Mace Fighting to 50
  • Reward: Churchill's War Mace
  • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven

Recaro the Fencing Instructor

  • Title: En Guarde!
  • Objective: Train Fencing to 50
  • Reward: Recaro's Riposte
  • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven

Robyn the Archery Instructor

  • Title: Swift as an Arrow
  • Objective: Train Archery to 50
  • Reward: Heartseeker
  • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven

Tyl Ariadne the Parrying Instructor

  • Title: Thou and Thine Shield
  • Objective: Train Parrying to 50
  • Reward: Escutcheon de Ariadne
  • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven

Jockles the Swordsmanship Instructor

  • Title: The Way of the Blade
  • Objective: Train Swordsmanship to 50
  • Reward: Jockles' Quicksword
  • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven

Warriors Guild Hall

Aelorn the Chivalry Instructor

  • Title: Cleansing Old Haven
  • Objective: Train Chivalry to 50
  • Reward: Bulwark Leggings
  • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven

Dimethro the Wrestling Instructor

  • Title: The Rudiments of Self Defense
  • Objective: Train Wrestling to 50
  • Reward: Gloves of Safeguarding
  • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven

Necromancers Guild Hall

Morganna the Spirit Speak Instructor

  • Title: Channeling the Supernatural
  • Objective: Train Spirit Speak to 50
  • Reward: Bag of Necromancer Reagents
  • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven

Mulcivikh the Necromancy Instructor

  • Title: The Allure of Dark Magic
  • Objective: Train Necromancy to 50
  • Reward: Complete Necromancer Spellbook
  • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven

Finely Woven

Clairesse the Servant

  • Title: A Stitch In Time
  • Objective: Obtain 1 Fancy Dress
  • Reward: An Old Ring & An Old Necklace
  • Accelerated skillgain: None

Gentle Rest

Asandos the Chef

  • Title: Baker's Dozen
  • Objective: Obtain 5 cookie mix
  • Reward: Skillet & Sack of Flour x2
  • Accelerated skillgain: None

The West Mill

Hargrove the Lumberjack

  • Title: Chop Chop, On the Double!
  • Objective: Obtain 60 logs
  • Reward: 15 gold & Hatchet
  • Accelerated skillgain: None