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Limitations on training skills and stats

  • All Creatures which can be found in the wild have different values in resistances, skills and stats.
  • All have the same skill and stat caps. skillcaps are at 100 but can be raised to 120 with pet-powerscrolls. The caps for Stats are at 1000 for Strength and Intelligence and at 500 for Dexterity. The caps for Hits and Mana are also at 1000 but not really. You cannot raise them above 1000 via spending ability points, but you can increase them above limit via the random bonus points from 1 to 3 you get while breeding. So if your parents have both 1000 hitpoints your baby-pet will have 1001 to 1003.
  • All Creatures start with different values in wrestling, tactics and resisting spells. Creatures with magic abilities also have the magery skill, poisonous ones have the poisoning skill. Only few creatures start with points in anatomy, evaluating intelligence and meditation (The rune beetle for example starts with values in poisoning, meditaion and evaluating intelligence)
  • Tamed Creatures can only train their basic skills and are not capable of learning new skills. A frost spider for example will never be able to learn magery.

The Groundwork

If you want to tame a creature, you should take care, to tame only the ones which have high values in stats and skills (especially Resisting Spells, Magery, Evaluating Intelligence or Poisioning) Pets have a statloss of 10% if tamed and 14% if tamed while paralyzed. In order to find out weather your pet-to-be has the proper stats and skills you need to have the skill animal lore above 100.0

The advantages of trained pets


  • Increased Strenght/Hitpoints:

The pet will make more damage the stronger it is and with more hitpoints it survives longer in a fight.

  • Increased Dexterity/Stamina:

More Dexterity means more Stamina and therefore increased swingspeed of your pet, which means more damage per second.

  • Increased Intelligence/Mana:

Only creatures having the magery skill benefit from a high intelligence and mana, since they can cast more spells untill they run out of mana and regenerate their mana faster.


  • Wrestling - raises chances of hitting the enemy and lower the chances of beeing hit and taking damage.
  • Tactics - provides a bonus to the damage dealt to enemies via wrestling attacks.
  • Resisting Spells - raises chances of not beeing victim of a curse or weak poison and reduces the amount of time labouring under the effect of a curse like blood oath and curse for example.
  • Anatomy - provides a bonus to the damage dealt to enemies via wrestling attacks.
  • Poisoning - erhöht Frequenz mit der es einen Gegner vergiftet, ab 99.0 hat es die Chance einen level höher zu vergiften als normal. Die Chance zu vergiften steigt also noch einmal ab 100.0 Poisoning.
  • Magery - raises the damage of offensive spells
  • Eval Int - provides a bonus to the damage dealt with offensive spells
  • Meditation - faster mana regeneration (Pets can only meditate passively)

How to train your pet best

There are 3 simple rules to train your pet best:

  • Rule#1: Don't overrate the fighting abilities of your pet, or yourself when healing your pet. The best to do is starting with weak enemies until you know your pet and how it reacts and how much damage you can heal. After that you can try bigger ones.
  • Rule#2: Don't you ever underestimate the power of your enemies. You cannot train a dead pet. Even if you can resurrect it if it was bonded, it will lose skillpoints everytime it dies.
  • Rule#3: The attributes of your pet will never raise, if you don't use it. I you keep riding your pet, it will never get better stats and skills. Dismount and let it loose on some creatures.

Melee skills (wrestling, tactics, anatomy) and poisoning: Wrestling and Tactics raise best, when you let your pet fight an equal opponent. The poisioning and anatomy skill raise when everytime when fighting. The skill of the enemy doesn't count here

Magery skills (magery, eval int and meditation): The best way to train the magery skill of your pet is to let it fight until it has no mana left. Then let the pet regenerate (The pet regenerates mana even if you ride on it or if it is stabled and you are logged out.). However, this is not necessary, if you also want to train your melee fighting skills. Magery will also raise satisfactory if you keep it fighting. All three magic skills can be trained with all creatures. You don't have to let it fight against equally strong opponents. If you want to train especially magery, just look for a fence and cast an energy vortex or an elemental to the other side of the fence and order your pet to attack the summoned. So the pet cannot attack using wrestling and hast to use magery instead. Only drawback of the method is if the pet is able to cast teleport, it will simply teleport over the fence after a while and finish your summoned creater off with wrestling.

Resist skill: The smaller the difference between your pets resist skill and the magery skill of the attacker is, the greater is the chance of your pet resisting the attack. But also the difficulty of the spell (in which circle it is) does count (the lower the circle, the higher the chance to resist). For training your pet this means you should only train with creatures having an remarkable higher magery skill then your pet has, so you can gain quickly.

Spells which are testing against Resisting spells (Spells you can resist with your skill):

  • Magery Spells:
   Clumsy, Curse, Feeblemind, Weaken, Mana Drain,
   Mana Vampire, Paralyze, Paralyze Field, Poison, Poison Field
  • Necromancy Spells:
   Blood Oath, Corpse Skin, Mind Rot, Pain Spike

Wrestling & Tactics Table

The following table can help you to decide which monster you want to pick for training your pet's Wrestling & Tactics:

Monster's Skill Wrestling Tactics
10-30 Wandering Healer, Lich, Pixie, Headless, Horde Minion, Shadow Wisp Horde Minion, Pixie, Kirin, Unicorn, Shadow Wisp, Headless
40 Evil Mage, Mummy, Zombie Mummy, Zombie
50 Evil Mage Lord, Bogle, Bone Magi/Skeletal Mage, Corpser, Ettin, Imp, Orc Mage, Shade, Skeleton, Titan, Wraith Bone Magi/Skeletal Mage, Bogle, Corpser, Ettin, Imp, Orc Mage, Reaper, Shade, Skeleton, Wraith
60 Orc, Reaper, Water Elemental Gargoyle, Gazer, Lich Lord, Ratman, Troll, Water Elemental
65 Gargoyle, Gazer, Lizardman, Ratman, Ratman Mage, Sea Serpent, Troll Air Elemental, read Spider, Lizardman, Ogre, Orc, Ratman Mage, Sea Serpent
70 Daemon, Dread Spider, Efreet Efreet, Orc Mage, Swamp Tentacle, Titan
75 Air Elemental, Earth Elemental, Lich Lord, Ogre, Swamp Tentacle Earth Elemental, Evil Mages, Dull Copper Elemental, Evil Mage Lord, Daemon
80 Acid Elemental, Dull Copper Elemental, Harpy, Poison Elemental, Stone Gargoyle, Wisp Ice Fiend, Lich, Poison Elemental, Stone Harpy, Wisp
85 Cyclops, Elder Gazer, Fire Elemental, Frost Troll, Kirin, Stone Harpy, Nightmare, Unicorn Acid Elemental, Harpy
90 Blood Elemental, Bone/Skeletal Knight, Dragon, Ice Fiend Evil Mages, Wandering Healer, Blood Elemental, Bone/Skeletal Knight, Cyclops, Elder Gazer, Fire Elemental, Frost Troll, Stone Gargoyle
95+ Arctic Ogre Lord, Ogre Lord, Orc Brute Arctic Ogre Lord, Dragon, Nightmare, Ogre Lord, Orc Brute